Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Toy With Me Tuesday: Reflections.


Taken just on my phone using a mirror as a base.  Featuring glass toys form Lovehoney.

Originally for review purposes, but enjoyed editing them so here's a few together.

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Bought to you by Nymphomaniac Ness

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. awesome shots, and a great photography tip to :)

  2. We nearly did something very similar ourselves this week! Glad we didn't, these look beautiful.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Jen, that's one great phone camera. You have even captured the glass sparkles, Im addicted to getting those and you've nailed it.
    Stunning piks hun.

  4. Wow, you took these with your phone? That's one heck of a phone camera. They look really great against the mirror. These came out great!

  5. beautiful and creative, looks very professional too x

  6. I always look forward to your photos :-)

    Really amazing shots. I can't believe they were taken with a phone! You've captured the light sparkling perfectly.

  7. This is a fab selection of photos! They are so professional. I've been messing about with mirror shots recently too, but haven't produced anything as beautiful as your pictures!

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