Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Toy With Me Tuesday: Reflections.


Taken just on my phone using a mirror as a base.  Featuring glass toys form Lovehoney.

Originally for review purposes, but enjoyed editing them so here's a few together.

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Toy with me Tuesday

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review: Basix Smoothy Dong with Suction Cup

This basix dildo is a low cost, harness compatible, suction based toy from a value range, retailing for around £12 from lovehoney.co.uk.  Basic by name and by nature, it could be seen as very appealing as an entry level toy.

Simply packaged in a plastic blister pack, this is no-frills, what you see is what you get.  Unfortunately you cannot see smells and this is the first thing that hits you as you removed the packaging.  I will be honest, this thing stinks. It has a VERY strong rubbery smell, very chemical in nature as opposed to a natural rubber scent.

Around six and a half inches long and just over an inch and a half across at the widest point, this is a nice size.  The head is pronounced but smoothly curved which I like a lot.  The material is soft and flexible.  Perhaps too much so for harness use as I suspect you wouldn’t get much in the way of control.  It bounces about like Tigger on a sugar high.  Amusing, yes but potentially mood breaking and frustrating in use.

The surface had some very noticeable flaws and holes in it.  It is also just slightly sticky to the touch.  I would not class this as hygienic at all.  Although advertised as free phthalates I would not consider this body safe for my own use and covered it with a condom for testing.  I have used toys of a similar material before which left me sore, so I was not taking that chance again for the sake of this one. 

It felt… OK.  That is all really.  It has a nice shape and a lovely size for vaginal penetration, but no fireworks here.  It was too flexible for me personally to use for g spot stim and in all honesty, the sensations were not worth the bother and expense of a condom to cover it each time.  Nor was it worth the smell, which even after several washes lingered through my whole bedroom (when the dildo was away in the drawer).

On a plus note, the suction cup works well.  It stuck firmly to mirrors, headboards and floors in a variety of amusing ways and even once to a forehead, dalek style.  Was particularly successful on the bathroom tiles, where it finally found some real use before the smell overwhelmed me and I threw it away.  Ah well, waste not.

Ultimately, the size and shape were great but the material was a huge let down.  Not for me this one, at all.
Overall rating: 1/5

Proudly made in the UK

Inspired by the competition at Just Pleasure Me to celebrate and showcase British talent and manufacture, I took and edited this photograph. Comprising items made either my myself or other artists right here in the UK for my wedding in December 2010.  Plus a cheeky addition from Rocks Off, also made in the UK.

You can see what it is all about and view the other entries here.  If you feel inspired yourself, why not go ahead and post your own, competition or not it would be great to see what other British talent is out there.

140mm Soft tip bullet vibrator by Rocks Off
Mini top hat with veil (bespoke) by Topper Hats
Snowflake headband tiara by Tiaras and Tantrums
Comb tiara, flowers, stationery, necklace and earrings all designed and made by myself. 

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Review Lovehoney Starter Orgasmic Glass Butt Plug

This gorgeous glass toy is not all it appears to be.  It is much, much more.  This is not a bad thing, but something you should be aware of when considering buying one.  
Simply and tastefully packaged, if that is important to you, in a blue card box with ample protection for the toy inside.  This should survive just about anything royal mail can throw at it, or indeed throw it at. 
This plug is made from toughened safety glass and is perfectly smooth, making it very safe to use and simple to clean.  It comes complete with a velvet storage bag to keep it clean and safe.
The plug itself is around four inches long overall, 1.8 inches at the widest point, with a 2 inch base.  It sits in the palm of your hand an appears to be fairly modest in size.   Indeed, LH have named it the 'Starter' Orgasmic Glass Butt Plug.

Appearances, and indeed names, can be deceptive.  This is certainly the case with this beautiful little plug. I have no objection to the word orgasmic, as, in my experience it certainly is.  Starter?  No, cannot really agree there.  
The graduation from the tip (at just around half an inch) to the widest point is very sudden.  It increases to 1.8 inches very quickly, which doesn't allow much opportunity for your body to acclimatise to it.  Prior experience in anal play and knowing your body's reactions is preferable before attempting this one, and a warm up first is very advisable unless you are very experienced with larger toys.  The glass is very smooth and glides beautifully but don't skimp on the lube with this one. 
Glass, naturally does not 'give', it is utterly rigid which combined with the steep angle of the head on this plug make it rather more challenging that you might expect.  I cannot stress enough, this thing is the Tardis of butt plugs; it feels MUCH bigger on the inside. 
There is also no graduation from the stem to the underside of the widest point.  While less of an issue on the way out than in, this does provide some very intense stimulation upon withdrawal, so be prepared for that little treat.  It does mean that once in, the plug is very stable and stays comfortably in place.  The base is wide enough to prevent it slipping all the way in. 
Once you are sufficiently warmed, and lubed, up this is a wonderful plug.  The complete smoothness slips over your skin effortlessly.  The stretch on insertion is very stimulating and the width and weight of the glass give a nicely full sensation.  The stem narrows abruptly, keeping the plug in place easily hands free (even during orgasm) while the wide base provides piece of mind.  My only grumble with the base is that I would have preferred a T-shape or oval to the circular one as the rigid glass can be uncomfortable between the cheeks in some positions.  This is a general issue I find with many plugs though, and more down to my own preference due to my particular size and shape. 
Of course, glass is initially cold to the touch.  I love this, and the way it gradually adjusts to my temperature, but if you are not keen it is easy enough to warm the plug in water first (test it, it will feel hotter back there!) and retains heat very well once you have done so.  Equally, if you enjoy temperature play it can be warmed or cooled to suit. 
Cleanliness is always going to be an issue with butt plugs and glass offers a great solution to this.  It's pristine smooth surface is non porous and easy to clean and sterilise.  It is also suitable to use with whatever lube you prefer to use.  Mine is now about three years old and still looks and feels just like new.
It is a beautiful and functional plug.  It feels amazing, but does not, in my opinion, live up to the name 'starter'  It's a great next step though and something to work toward if nee to this type of play.  Available from LoveHoney.

Overall rating 4/5

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Lovehoney Cosmos Orgasmic Glass Dildo.

Length: 7.5 inches.
Diameter: 1.3 inches.
Material: Glass
Colour: Clear/multi

The Cosmos Orgasmic Glass Dildo is approximately 7/5 inches in length, double ended with a gentle curve along its length.  Presented complete with a black velvet storage pouch to keep your dildo safe and clean.  The ends are identical, with smooth pronounced bulbous heads. Through the center shaft is a swirling 'cats-eye-marble' effect, which is said to be unique to each dildo.  The finish is flawless.  I have had mine now for around three years, kept in the storage bag in a drawer full of other toys.  It is still in perfect condition.  The Cosmos' modest size and subtle contours make it a good introduction to glass toys, which due to the material can be unforgiving.

It is beautiful to look at, if that is important to you.  The glass reflects light gorgeously bringing the internal colours to life.  This, to me, isn't a huge deal with sex toys, function always comes before form.  That said, I love beautiful things, regardless of their use so it does add to my enjoyment of the dildo (and indeed, many glass toys).

Glass is extremely easy to keep clean as it is non porous and the smooth design of this dildo enables simple cleaning.  The exquisite smoothness allows it to glide with even the smallest amount of lubrication.  It is safe to use with both water and silicone based lubes.

The gentle curve aids g-spot/p-spot stimulation, however do bare in mind the dildo will not give an inch, it is completely rigid.  Therefore if you struggle with curved toys, keep in mind the curve will feel more pronounced than it is as it will not conform to you at all.  For me personally, this is a bonus as I enjoy very firm stimulation.

Glass is naturally cold to the touch, yet once warmed retains it's temperature very well.  It is simple enough to warm or cool in water/iced water if you enjoy temperature play, thus adding new dimensions to your play whether alone or with a partner(s).

The Cosmos Dildo is double ended, however the shorter length prevent its use in this way.  The two ends are the same, which seems a shames.  You can only use one at a time so a different shape or texture would have been fantastic, as seen on a number of similar dildos.  It isn't a big deal, though it seems rather a missed opportunity.  This is one reason I tend to pass over it in favour of others I own these days as I am able to get more from them.

To sum up, it is a good glass dildo, especially as a first.  It is simple, but well executed.  Smooth, easy to clean and a modest size.

Those looking to add to an existing collection of glass toys, or those looking for more intense stimulation may want to pass it by.  I am glad to own mine though.

Remember glass is completely rigid, especially if you are very new to sex toys or are looking for a dildo for predominantly anal use.  It works this way for me, but may not for all.

At less than £20 it is a great way to experiment with glass for the first time.
Overall rating: 4/5. 
(Perfectly made, losing a point purely as I find it a little 'bland')