Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Wedding Night

From the moment I asked him to to marry me I knew I'd not make a very good 'conventional' bride.  If anyone was still in any doubt the burgundy and black dress, the the tight-lace corset pulled all the way in would have surely made it clear.  I'm  sure though that none could have guessed how I planned to end our perfect day.  These things rarely go to plan, with the excitement, champagne and exhaustion.  We were no exception.  One day however, we will return to that hotel.  On those crisp white sheets, with your hands bound by the thick satin ribbon from my roses, I will take you. 

Sinful Sunday


  1. Ohhhh now this is fabulous, you have created a whole story with just a few words and an exceptional image. Made me hungry to know more...


  2. there's nothing wrong with being unconvental and the corest is very sexy x

  3. love the photo and the short tease.

  4. LOL Brilliant - the image tells all and the anticipation of the return (if, of course, they let you in a second time :) mmmm :)

  5. I can imagine the fabulous fun which will be had

  6. oh my that's hot!
    unconventional is MUCH more fun!!! ;)


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